Cornelius is now a man he is 25 years old he is now independent and is already married. I am happy because soon I will become a grandfather I am excited to know if its going to be a boy or a girl. He has a job and he works very hard to provide to his wife and soon to be newborn. He still leaving with me, but since he has a job he helps me out with payments and what not. Cornelius became a systematically problem solver meaning that he uses logic so solve any problem that he encounters. Every day we still talk about the things that are happening in our day. He surprises me at times because he thinks very logically anything he says sounds very sophisticated. Thinking logically is a good attribute that makes him smart he sees things in a different way. Since i'm older i should be the wise one, but he is so smart that sometimes he knows more things about a topic that I do. He will be a great father and he will raise or at least try to raise his child the way I raised him so that one day his son will be a good person and satisfy his father the way Cornelius has satisfy me and surpass my expectations of him. This will be my last blog as of now I will take care of my grandchild and let my son raise his child and help him become a good person. I hope that everything goes well, and hopefully ill get to live and see my grandchild's children. 
Cornelius is 12 years old he has gotten tall and he is smarter that ever now. He became a calm kid and he is finally in the stage of adolescence. Adolescent means that my kid has stop being a kid and soon he will become a young adult. My kid eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, but he also has snacks in between each meal. He eats anything from chicken, vegetables, meat, and his favorite food sea food. Cornelius is super calm now he plays soccer and everything but now he just does his homework then goes to play video games for an hour or so. One activity that he likes to do is listen to music and solve mathematical equations. Everyday we do the same things he goes to school and I wait for him to come back to school. When he comes back I make him his lunch after he eats then he does his homework abstract thinking really helps him with his math. Abstract thinking is a way that children use to solve systematical problems. When my son is faced with a problem he uses what I call hypothetic deductive reasoning which helps him come up with general theory of all possible factors that might affect the outcome and deduce from it specific hypothesis to see which ones do in fact occur in the real word. He now is more logical meaning that he is asking why things are what they are and for everything he asks "why" certain things happen. Some activities that i do with my son i take him to his soccer practice, and at night i listen to music to him before he goes to sleep. He is old enough that I don't leave him with a baby sitter I am always with him he never leaves my sight unless when he goes to play with his friends outside. He amazes me because he is now propositional meaning that he can now focus on verbal assertions and evaluate their logical validity without making to real world circumstances. For instance yesterday he was telling me his day and i was surprise on the way he was talking so mature and assertive. I am so proud of my kid he amazes me everyday and as I always say I love him and he is the best thing that has ever happen to me. 

My kid just became 11 years old he is so independent now. I cannot believe that time has passed so fast and kid is already grown. He has become smarter he is in 8th grade and he is taking good classes that stimuli his mind. I am very proud of him for coming this far, but there's still a long road ahead. He eats a lot maybe because he plays soccer so he is always outside with his soccer ball. He still eats chicken with vegetables and water. He also eats healthy once in a while I will take him to eat some fast food, I don't let him eat a lot of junk food but sometimes he gets away with it. Cornelius is very energetic he is always doing something if its not running around the house it playing soccer with his friends. Since he is older he now knows what conserve is which is the knowledge of knowing that objects are not always the way that they appear. He used to use the spoon to cut his meat but now he knows that i knife is the object you need to cut meat. We still have the same scheduled he goes to school and when he comes back I tell him to do his homework and after he does his homework I take him outside to practice his soccer skill. I always stay with him maybe that's why he is so  attached to me and not other people. Cornelius has always something to say to me he is always telling me how his day was at school and how he is meeting new people every day. He talks so much but i know that talking is a good exercise for him because when he gets older he won't be afraid to socialize with other peole and make friends. Something that I call reversibility is a new skill my son obtain when he was 9 at that age he knew that different sizes didn't mean different volume and since learning that he has done pretty well in his math class. Every day is a new adventure with my son I am so proud to be his father and I love him so much.
My child has 7 in a half years old I am excited to know that he is almost 8 he is growing up to quickly. It seems that just yesterday he was born I am so happy to see him grown. At this age i still feed my kid three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm still feed him healthy foods. The things that I give my child for breakfast are oatmeal, and a fruit salad with some water. For lunch I change things now I give him chicken with vegetables and water. Finally for dinner I make him half a steak with vegetables and water. I started giving him steaks because they have a good amount of protein and that is good for my child. Now that my kid is older he is now started to read all by himself. I like that he is reading by himself because reading and learning is making his rational thinking mature. Rational thinking is the way a child sees the world and i really want to develop this. I began to teach my kid how to play the piano i believe that this is a good exercise to develop further more his cognitive thinking. Another activity that I still do with him is every night before he goes to sleep I read to him a book of his choice. To date I still take my kid to the park everyday. Since he is the concrete operational stage the belief of animism and egocentric has decline now my kid is now more interested in the things other people are doing. I having difficulties because he doesn't like to wake up early and he is always falling asleep late. I hope as he gets older he can understand that he has to go to sleep early and wake up early as well. A difficulty that that i'm having is that he wont sop talking he is always talking I know that this should be a good thing, but sometimes I get tired of hearing the same things everyday. I guess that this is what I have to endure in order for my child to be responsible and be a social active kid. One good thing that he has learn is that now he can go to the restroom all by himself. He has finally learned how to clean himself and he became independent. I am so happy for him he has learn so much and has gone so far with his learning I really hope that my child becomes a smart cookie. He is now in 4th grade and he has made new friends and has learn so much being in school I am proud and happy for my kid. 
Today is an exciting day for me my kid is going to be 7 years old. This makes me feel proud because he has made so much progress with his development. He has mad a lot of progress and his still making some new progress. One thing that I've noticed is any time he begins to play with his toy nothing else matters to him the only thing that he is concern with is playing with his toys all day long. To that tell me that he is in the stage which I call centration, in other words centration is the tendency for a child to focus on one aspect of a situation and neglect others.  I still feed him three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyday i give my kid healthy foods. For breakfast I make him a fruit salad with milk or water. For lunch I make him a sandwich with turkey ham and milk. Lastly for dinner I give him chicken with water and vegetables. Well since my child is 7 years old he runs up and down the house he has so much energy that is almost impossible to stop him. I read to my kid every day because I hope that he begins to build his cognitive thinking to a higher level. His cognitive thinking is important to me because that is how he takes things that he sees with his eyes. That is also how he will be smart in his academics. Now that he is 7 everyday I take him to the park so he can learn to socialize with other kids his age I want my child to develop his social skills because he is going to school now and i don't want his to be left out because he's too shy to talk to anyone. My child loves to talk all he does is talk and talk all day long. Its a good thing because his cognitive thinking is increasing and i believe is the reason why he is always talking to me about things that happen in his day. One thing that I've seen is that any time I give him milk and water and he doesn't drink one of them and i dry to pour the thing that he didn't drink back to the bottle he gets confused because he asks me how that milk or water that was in the cup fit in the bottle where I have the milk or water. I beginning to think that this is the irreversibility stage which is the inability to mentally reverse a sequence of events. I take care of him every day I don't take him to a babysitter because i want to spend all of my time with my kid to show him that I love him and care for him. 
My kid has reached the Pre-Operational stage and he is about to be 4 years old. I'm very proud of him because he is a healthy normal kid. The first thing that i'm noticing about my kid is that he is egocentric meaning that he is only able to perceive things in his own point of view. For example, today i told my kid to pick some red flowers from the garden but instead he brought me blue flowers, and when i asked him why he brought me blue flowers rather than red he told me that the red flowers didn't interest him, but the blue flowers caught his attention and that is why he decided to bring me the blue flowers. Now that my kid is almost 4 i try to feed him 3 times a day meaning that i give him breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I try to feed my kid with healthy food for example, for breakfast I make him a fruit salad with milk or make him oatmeal depending on what he feels like eating. For lunch I make him a turkey sandwich with wheat bread and milk or sometimes I give him water instead of milk. Finally to dinner I make him some roasted chicken with vegetables, and only at dinner I give him half of cup of juice.  At this age my kid has some major changes in his cognitive development he can now explore new fantasy's by using his imagination. Today in the morning my kid say a plane, after he saw that plane he began to imagine that he was flying by running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. This outcome gave me the conclusion that my kid was developing his cognitive thinking. The activities that I usually do with my kid is to try to show him that things do not work the same as humans. I try to do this because I don't want him being an animism child. I do this because the other day he told me that his toy car wasn't working anymore because the toy car was sick. When i heard that i tried to explain that toys use batteries and cannot get sick like humans do. My daily routine with my kid is that i always have to wake him up because he sleeps too much also have to teach him how to use the bathroom properly because i want him to be independent.  I have not left my kid with a baby sitter because he is too hyper and my mother who is the person who baby sits him cannot control him. One amazing thing that my kid develop was the ability to talk. Since his cognitive thinking has increased he is now able to talk to me and ask and tell me when he wants something or needs something. 
Today my baby is about 2 years old and I'm having some problems with him. My kid has become to attached to me and i'm afraid that he might develop stranger anxiety. I want him to not to be afraid of other people I want my kid to be a socially active kid. From the things that I've observed is an avoidant child meaning that he doesn't want anything to do with people he doesn't know or recognize. It might be my fault because I have left my child with my babysitter which is my mother for 2 hours and i'm afraid that leaving him with my mother has made him afraid of people that he doesn't see or commune with. I didn't have to pay my mother because she did it out of the goodness of her heart.  Since my child is 2 year he has begun to make different sounds for example, he babbles and does different things to catch my attention sometimes he stars crying or hurts himself on purpose to catch my attention I call this Tertiary Circular Reactions. Now that my baby is 2 years old he see the world in a different way because when he was younger he would explore his surroundings purely with actions. For example, he would put anything that he could find in his mouth because he wanted to explore it. Now that he is 2 and older he now sees the world through mental operations. For example, now when he sees something he doesn't put it in his, but instead he now explores it by looking at the object and trying to know what that specific object is for. I call this  Early Representational Thought.  
From birth my baby eats every 2 hours. As he becomes older my baby begins to eat every 3 to 4 hours. At the age of 1-2 years old my baby eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in between each meal they get snacks.  From birth my baby gets breast feed or gets formula at this at this age my baby only relies on his inborn reflexes which is a time when the baby automatically looks for the nipple or pacifier an begins to suck on it. As he gets older my baby still is breast feed, but now they have the ability to eat yogurt and cereal for baby. At the age of 1-2 my baby begins to eat solids for example fruits, vegetables, yogurt at this time also I can change the formula or breast feeding for regular cow milk. At the sensory motor stage after a few weeks of being born my baby begins to understand some of the information it is receiving from its senses, and learns to use some muscle and limbs for movement these developments are know as action schemas. My baby can suck and grab and learns to distinguish things in its environment these functions are referred to as the innate reflexes. As my baby begins to get older he begins to engage in goal directed behavior which is some kind of behavior that the baby knows it will bring about a desire goal. For example, when my baby sees the string of a pull-toy near her, rather than crawling to it he might instead reach out and grab the string and then purposely pull the string in order to acquire the toy. I like to play music to my baby because that helps with the secondary circular reaction which helps my baby become aware of and more responsive to the outside world. For example, when my baby picks up his favorite toy then drops the toy each time I give  it back to him he is telling me that he doesn't want that specific toy anymore. I also like to play peekaboo with my kid because that is teaching my baby about object permanence which is the realization that physical objects continue to exist even when they are removed from view. For example if I hide a toy from my baby he will think that the toy vanished into thin air, but helping know that the toy is still there he will eventually gain object permanence. I try to make my baby color because i want to develop his symbolic thought which is the ability to think about events and predicting what will happen if they do something. I try to teach him to mimic my movements in order for my baby to learn deferred imitation. For example, when a baby see a certain movement days later me will remember the certain movement and copy the same movements.