My kid just became 11 years old he is so independent now. I cannot believe that time has passed so fast and kid is already grown. He has become smarter he is in 8th grade and he is taking good classes that stimuli his mind. I am very proud of him for coming this far, but there's still a long road ahead. He eats a lot maybe because he plays soccer so he is always outside with his soccer ball. He still eats chicken with vegetables and water. He also eats healthy once in a while I will take him to eat some fast food, I don't let him eat a lot of junk food but sometimes he gets away with it. Cornelius is very energetic he is always doing something if its not running around the house it playing soccer with his friends. Since he is older he now knows what conserve is which is the knowledge of knowing that objects are not always the way that they appear. He used to use the spoon to cut his meat but now he knows that i knife is the object you need to cut meat. We still have the same scheduled he goes to school and when he comes back I tell him to do his homework and after he does his homework I take him outside to practice his soccer skill. I always stay with him maybe that's why he is so  attached to me and not other people. Cornelius has always something to say to me he is always telling me how his day was at school and how he is meeting new people every day. He talks so much but i know that talking is a good exercise for him because when he gets older he won't be afraid to socialize with other peole and make friends. Something that I call reversibility is a new skill my son obtain when he was 9 at that age he knew that different sizes didn't mean different volume and since learning that he has done pretty well in his math class. Every day is a new adventure with my son I am so proud to be his father and I love him so much.

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