My child has 7 in a half years old I am excited to know that he is almost 8 he is growing up to quickly. It seems that just yesterday he was born I am so happy to see him grown. At this age i still feed my kid three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm still feed him healthy foods. The things that I give my child for breakfast are oatmeal, and a fruit salad with some water. For lunch I change things now I give him chicken with vegetables and water. Finally for dinner I make him half a steak with vegetables and water. I started giving him steaks because they have a good amount of protein and that is good for my child. Now that my kid is older he is now started to read all by himself. I like that he is reading by himself because reading and learning is making his rational thinking mature. Rational thinking is the way a child sees the world and i really want to develop this. I began to teach my kid how to play the piano i believe that this is a good exercise to develop further more his cognitive thinking. Another activity that I still do with him is every night before he goes to sleep I read to him a book of his choice. To date I still take my kid to the park everyday. Since he is the concrete operational stage the belief of animism and egocentric has decline now my kid is now more interested in the things other people are doing. I having difficulties because he doesn't like to wake up early and he is always falling asleep late. I hope as he gets older he can understand that he has to go to sleep early and wake up early as well. A difficulty that that i'm having is that he wont sop talking he is always talking I know that this should be a good thing, but sometimes I get tired of hearing the same things everyday. I guess that this is what I have to endure in order for my child to be responsible and be a social active kid. One good thing that he has learn is that now he can go to the restroom all by himself. He has finally learned how to clean himself and he became independent. I am so happy for him he has learn so much and has gone so far with his learning I really hope that my child becomes a smart cookie. He is now in 4th grade and he has made new friends and has learn so much being in school I am proud and happy for my kid. 

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