Cornelius is 12 years old he has gotten tall and he is smarter that ever now. He became a calm kid and he is finally in the stage of adolescence. Adolescent means that my kid has stop being a kid and soon he will become a young adult. My kid eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, but he also has snacks in between each meal. He eats anything from chicken, vegetables, meat, and his favorite food sea food. Cornelius is super calm now he plays soccer and everything but now he just does his homework then goes to play video games for an hour or so. One activity that he likes to do is listen to music and solve mathematical equations. Everyday we do the same things he goes to school and I wait for him to come back to school. When he comes back I make him his lunch after he eats then he does his homework abstract thinking really helps him with his math. Abstract thinking is a way that children use to solve systematical problems. When my son is faced with a problem he uses what I call hypothetic deductive reasoning which helps him come up with general theory of all possible factors that might affect the outcome and deduce from it specific hypothesis to see which ones do in fact occur in the real word. He now is more logical meaning that he is asking why things are what they are and for everything he asks "why" certain things happen. Some activities that i do with my son i take him to his soccer practice, and at night i listen to music to him before he goes to sleep. He is old enough that I don't leave him with a baby sitter I am always with him he never leaves my sight unless when he goes to play with his friends outside. He amazes me because he is now propositional meaning that he can now focus on verbal assertions and evaluate their logical validity without making to real world circumstances. For instance yesterday he was telling me his day and i was surprise on the way he was talking so mature and assertive. I am so proud of my kid he amazes me everyday and as I always say I love him and he is the best thing that has ever happen to me. 


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