Today is an exciting day for me my kid is going to be 7 years old. This makes me feel proud because he has made so much progress with his development. He has mad a lot of progress and his still making some new progress. One thing that I've noticed is any time he begins to play with his toy nothing else matters to him the only thing that he is concern with is playing with his toys all day long. To that tell me that he is in the stage which I call centration, in other words centration is the tendency for a child to focus on one aspect of a situation and neglect others.  I still feed him three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyday i give my kid healthy foods. For breakfast I make him a fruit salad with milk or water. For lunch I make him a sandwich with turkey ham and milk. Lastly for dinner I give him chicken with water and vegetables. Well since my child is 7 years old he runs up and down the house he has so much energy that is almost impossible to stop him. I read to my kid every day because I hope that he begins to build his cognitive thinking to a higher level. His cognitive thinking is important to me because that is how he takes things that he sees with his eyes. That is also how he will be smart in his academics. Now that he is 7 everyday I take him to the park so he can learn to socialize with other kids his age I want my child to develop his social skills because he is going to school now and i don't want his to be left out because he's too shy to talk to anyone. My child loves to talk all he does is talk and talk all day long. Its a good thing because his cognitive thinking is increasing and i believe is the reason why he is always talking to me about things that happen in his day. One thing that I've seen is that any time I give him milk and water and he doesn't drink one of them and i dry to pour the thing that he didn't drink back to the bottle he gets confused because he asks me how that milk or water that was in the cup fit in the bottle where I have the milk or water. I beginning to think that this is the irreversibility stage which is the inability to mentally reverse a sequence of events. I take care of him every day I don't take him to a babysitter because i want to spend all of my time with my kid to show him that I love him and care for him. 

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