My kid has reached the Pre-Operational stage and he is about to be 4 years old. I'm very proud of him because he is a healthy normal kid. The first thing that i'm noticing about my kid is that he is egocentric meaning that he is only able to perceive things in his own point of view. For example, today i told my kid to pick some red flowers from the garden but instead he brought me blue flowers, and when i asked him why he brought me blue flowers rather than red he told me that the red flowers didn't interest him, but the blue flowers caught his attention and that is why he decided to bring me the blue flowers. Now that my kid is almost 4 i try to feed him 3 times a day meaning that i give him breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I try to feed my kid with healthy food for example, for breakfast I make him a fruit salad with milk or make him oatmeal depending on what he feels like eating. For lunch I make him a turkey sandwich with wheat bread and milk or sometimes I give him water instead of milk. Finally to dinner I make him some roasted chicken with vegetables, and only at dinner I give him half of cup of juice.  At this age my kid has some major changes in his cognitive development he can now explore new fantasy's by using his imagination. Today in the morning my kid say a plane, after he saw that plane he began to imagine that he was flying by running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. This outcome gave me the conclusion that my kid was developing his cognitive thinking. The activities that I usually do with my kid is to try to show him that things do not work the same as humans. I try to do this because I don't want him being an animism child. I do this because the other day he told me that his toy car wasn't working anymore because the toy car was sick. When i heard that i tried to explain that toys use batteries and cannot get sick like humans do. My daily routine with my kid is that i always have to wake him up because he sleeps too much also have to teach him how to use the bathroom properly because i want him to be independent.  I have not left my kid with a baby sitter because he is too hyper and my mother who is the person who baby sits him cannot control him. One amazing thing that my kid develop was the ability to talk. Since his cognitive thinking has increased he is now able to talk to me and ask and tell me when he wants something or needs something. 

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