Today my baby is about 2 years old and I'm having some problems with him. My kid has become to attached to me and i'm afraid that he might develop stranger anxiety. I want him to not to be afraid of other people I want my kid to be a socially active kid. From the things that I've observed is an avoidant child meaning that he doesn't want anything to do with people he doesn't know or recognize. It might be my fault because I have left my child with my babysitter which is my mother for 2 hours and i'm afraid that leaving him with my mother has made him afraid of people that he doesn't see or commune with. I didn't have to pay my mother because she did it out of the goodness of her heart.  Since my child is 2 year he has begun to make different sounds for example, he babbles and does different things to catch my attention sometimes he stars crying or hurts himself on purpose to catch my attention I call this Tertiary Circular Reactions. Now that my baby is 2 years old he see the world in a different way because when he was younger he would explore his surroundings purely with actions. For example, he would put anything that he could find in his mouth because he wanted to explore it. Now that he is 2 and older he now sees the world through mental operations. For example, now when he sees something he doesn't put it in his, but instead he now explores it by looking at the object and trying to know what that specific object is for. I call this  Early Representational Thought.  

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