From birth my baby eats every 2 hours. As he becomes older my baby begins to eat every 3 to 4 hours. At the age of 1-2 years old my baby eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in between each meal they get snacks.  From birth my baby gets breast feed or gets formula at this at this age my baby only relies on his inborn reflexes which is a time when the baby automatically looks for the nipple or pacifier an begins to suck on it. As he gets older my baby still is breast feed, but now they have the ability to eat yogurt and cereal for baby. At the age of 1-2 my baby begins to eat solids for example fruits, vegetables, yogurt at this time also I can change the formula or breast feeding for regular cow milk. At the sensory motor stage after a few weeks of being born my baby begins to understand some of the information it is receiving from its senses, and learns to use some muscle and limbs for movement these developments are know as action schemas. My baby can suck and grab and learns to distinguish things in its environment these functions are referred to as the innate reflexes. As my baby begins to get older he begins to engage in goal directed behavior which is some kind of behavior that the baby knows it will bring about a desire goal. For example, when my baby sees the string of a pull-toy near her, rather than crawling to it he might instead reach out and grab the string and then purposely pull the string in order to acquire the toy. I like to play music to my baby because that helps with the secondary circular reaction which helps my baby become aware of and more responsive to the outside world. For example, when my baby picks up his favorite toy then drops the toy each time I give  it back to him he is telling me that he doesn't want that specific toy anymore. I also like to play peekaboo with my kid because that is teaching my baby about object permanence which is the realization that physical objects continue to exist even when they are removed from view. For example if I hide a toy from my baby he will think that the toy vanished into thin air, but helping know that the toy is still there he will eventually gain object permanence. I try to make my baby color because i want to develop his symbolic thought which is the ability to think about events and predicting what will happen if they do something. I try to teach him to mimic my movements in order for my baby to learn deferred imitation. For example, when a baby see a certain movement days later me will remember the certain movement and copy the same movements.


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